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Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

When shopping for the cheapest cell phone plans, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. The contract language of many cell phone providers can be very confusing. Even if you choose one of the many no-contract cell phone plans on the market, the terms can still be difficult to understand. Many no-contract providers limit your data speeds as well as the amount of data you can use. Generally, that is why they can offer, at least what appears to be on the surface, lower monthly fees when compared to the big four of AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

In this review we will take, what I believe to be, one of the most in-depth and well researched look at which cell phone plans are actually the cheapest. And yes, we will also be doing a full review of virtually every single no-contract cell phone plan that is available in the United States. So you will get a complete overview of each and every cell phone plan on the market, and we will spell out all the details for each in terms that are easy to understand. Following this full review, we will add up all the pros and cons of each plan and choose a winner so, if you are short on time, go ahead and skip ahead to the end of the article where we show you the cheapest cell phone plan available.

Here are all of the contenders for the title of cheapest cell phone plan:

The Big Four


T-Mobile, as of now, has the absolute best prices for family plans in the nation. They also are offering a new service where streaming video, such as Netflix movies, doesn’t use ANY of your data. So your data goes farther for an already low price. The absolute must use network at this time.

Currently the only knock on T-Mobile is it doesn’t always have great coverage in out of the way places. So if you live in the middle of nowhere, this probably isn’t your best bet. Otherwise it is either first or second out of the big four networks in every category.

T-Mobile was the first network to add music streaming services to your plan that don’t use your data, and they are still the only one. With the recent announcement that they will do the same with video streaming services, like Netflix, if you are even a casual data user you are crazy to be on any other network. T-Mobile also boasts some of the fastest 4G LTE voice and data speeds in the industry. So by taking advantage of their already unlimited data, as well as their low prices, they are in essence blowing their competitors out of the water at this point. Their phone and tablet selection is more than adequate and again, other than the farthest reaches of rural America, coverage is quite good. We are all about being fair and honest with our visitors so if their were negatives to using T-Mobile, we would tell you. As it stands now, there are none.

Coverage, Voice and Data Quality

The knock on T-Mobile’s network in the nationwide press and popular tech review services is always the same; poor coverage in rural areas. And yes, if you are deep in the woods of Kentucky, you may have trouble with T-Mobile’s network dropping your calls or network connection. But otherwise the network is crazy fast and actually quite widely available. As it stands now, T-Mobile is also in the midst of the rollout of an entirely new and faster 4G LTE network that will even eliminate this last weakness. Thy already boast the fastest download speeds of anyone on this list. So once again, you truly are nuts if you are not a T-Mobile customer. They are braced to essentially take over the market.

Pricing & Fees

Yet another category where T-Mobile sets the bar and the other major carriers are just trying to keep up. T-Mobile is still the only one of the big four providers that does not lock you in to two-year contracts. You can leave them at anytime and there are zero early termination fees. They also offer two year payment plans on brand new phones, similar to other carriers. If you are looking for a plan that offers you a brand new smartphone with unlimited minutes and texts along with 3GB of data, you can get it at T-Mobile for only $60 per month. Unlimited data with no speed downgrades after a certain amount of use will only add $20 per month to your plan. For a family of four they offer all those services along with 10GB of shared data for HALF of what the same plan would cost you at either Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T. These great prices combined with zero early termination fees makes T-Mobile, once again, the clear-cut winner in this category as well.

Device Selection

T-Mobile offers plenty in the way of device selection. The majority of the new and popular phones are offered through theT-Mobile network. They even offer the classics, such as flip phones and mid-level phones for the budget conscious users. If you want a newer model phone, but don’t want to pay the higher prices, they also offer plenty of refurbished options to choose from. They also allow you to bring your current phone and will transfer your old number to your plan at no additional cost.

Help & Support

In the past T-Mobile customer support was not very impressive and it had a bad reputation. Over the last few years; however, the company has seen an overhaul in its business practices and is now among the best in the group. Customer service is now helpful and service is fast. No longer are customers held responsible for mistakes in billing or other problems. The company will help you solve any issues that you have with your phone or your bill.

T-Mobile Summary: 9.7/10

T-Mobile is enjoying a tremendous resurgence in the cell phone market. Formerly one of the weaker of the big four, T-Mobile has been overhauled from top to bottom and is now not only the cheapest cell phone plan provider, but also the best. With its no-contract plans and excellent phone selection it already had offered customers perks the other companies did not. And now by adding streaming music and video that doesn’t count against your plan combined with the lowest prices of any provider, it is no secret that T-Mobile is alive and well and deserves your business. And with the holidays approaching they are offering some tremendous deals, now is the best time to switch to T-Mobile as they will even pay you to bring your plan to them.